About Us


POLAR Arastirma Teknoloji A.S. was founded in 1998 as a technology company operating with R&D work in the field of software and hardware, headquartered in Ankara.

Thanks to 22 years of continuous service and experience, Polar Teknoloji is one of the leading companies that produce ‘smart solutions’ based on innovation and high added-value in its country and contributes to development in the field of technology.

Polar Teknoloji has adopted a leading role in the establishment and dissemination of smart sectoral solutions in the field of information technologies in Turkey. At the 36th National Informatics Congress organized with the theme of “Digital Future: Artificial Intelligence,” our sectoral solution Serviscell received an award in the field of national and domestic software.

Polar Teknoloji continues to be a technology company that produces sectoral and technological solutions in line with organizations’ needs with its strong, dynamic, and enthusiastic team that continues to work for the development and dissemination of human-friendly and environmentally friendly technologies.


Our vision is to become a leading brand at the national level and to increase our activities on the international stage with our innovative and smart sectoral solutions in the sector of Information Technologies.


Our mission is to develop new technologies in the field of hardware and software while providing added value to Turkey’s economy and needs.

Quality Policy

 Adding value and contribution to the sector with our innovative solutions,

 Ensuring the increase of the productivity of the organizations we serve, their employees, and workplaces thanks to our solutions,

 Creating customer satisfaction by providing timely and complete service.

 Our Sectoral Solutions We Conducted R&D and Produced within Technopolis

Our Sectoral Solutions
We Conducted R&D and Produced within Technopolis